Coffee Appreciation / Team Bonding

Our coffee appreciation class is catered for everybody. If you wish to pick up coffee making, be it a personal interest or even pursuing a professional career, kick start with our appreciation class!

We are very sincere in providing our service and aim to help our participants understand more about coffee making. The purpose of our appreciation class is to allow participants understand what baristas go through everyday, dealing with different coffee brewing apparatus and tasting different types of coffee and understanding how different brewing methods affect the taste of coffee.

Our coffee appreciation classes and team bonding sessions can be organised for groups from 4 – 15pax. If you have wish to organise an event for your team and have lots of fun interacting with one anther and pick up something new, please contact us for more information!

Organise a team bonding session with coffee making today!

We offer coffee appreciation classes for maximum 15 participants and learning to make coffee is a very good activity to keep everybody engaged.

It will be a very fun session filled with lots of interaction and laughter and at the same time you’re able to pick up something new. It’s an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss!