Mobile Coffee Service

We provide professional mobile coffee catering services for all kinds of events in Singapore! Since 2014, we have been providing our services at numerous weddings, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

We focus on providing convenience for our clients, meaning leave everything to us. All supplies will be provided by us, which include sugar, stirrers, etc, and not forgetting our coffee cart! Our mobile coffee cart is fully self sufficient, and it is specially customised and built to fit our equipments perfectly. We can set up anytime, anywhere, and all we require from you is power supply.

Other than just providing coffee for you and your guests, branding, which is very important for many companies, are as important to us. We are able to provide customised takeaway cups for branding purposes.

We work very closely with 2 coffee roasters in Singapore – 2 Degrees North and Santino Coffee Specialists. We will choose different blends at different events for different guests, aiming to cater the majority. We have many single origins and blends of coffee from both our roasters and based on our experience, we’re definitely able to provide one that suits your event the most.

Our production rate of coffee is around 100 – 120 cups in an hour. However if you require a higher volume, we can bring in 2 machines so that we can cater to your demands as well.

For our menu, because there are so many types and ways to order coffee – lattes, cappuccinos, long blacks, to the more fancy naming ones like the cortados and gibraltars, we aim to make it simple and fuss free for your guests, thus coming up with a simple espresso menu.

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Introducing Turmeric Latte in our menu!

Turmeric is a vibrant orange-yellow root from India that has been a mainstay of Ayurvedic medicine. Confining the root solely as an ingredient for food recipes is doing it and all its health benefits a huge disservice.

Turmeric latte is an ideal coffee alternative, it not only tastes great but it is incredibly good for you, each serving providing a large quantity of turmeric and all its associated health benefits.

Turmeric has been used medicinally for thousands of years and is known to aid skin health, digestion, support our immune systems and even help fight cancer.

Let us know if you’d like to try this at your events!