Kinsmen Coffee

Kinsmen Coffee has been providing mobile coffee services since 2014. We realise that coffee served at many events are either by an automatic machine or pre-brewed and placed in large dispensers. It lacks interpersonal interaction and the quality of coffee produced is limited. Good coffee should be made simple and accessible to everyone at anytime, therefore we are here to provide our services.

We work very closely with our coffee roasters who have a wide range of coffee beans selection and we’re definitely able to select one that suits your event. We offer our mobile coffee service at all kinds of events – home parties, weddings, exhibitions, conferences, etc. The possibilities are endless so drop us a line to discuss how we could be part of your event’s success.

We provide barista training which includes courses for beginners and existing baristas. We are very passionate about our craft and eager to share our knowledge of coffee with you.

We also provide laser engraving service which allows you to customize and personalize your barista tools! We specialise in CO2 lasering for all our products which include materials like metal, denim, wood, leather, glass and acrylic. Send your tools to us with your customized design and we will get the job done for you.

Kinsmen Coffee is founded by the 3-time Singapore National Latte Art Champion 2015, 2016 & 2017 – Jervis Tan, who represented Singapore in the World Latte Art Championships in Sweden, China, and Hungary. We’re a passionate team and our dedication and professionalism can be seen on different platforms through barista competitions, events, and other services that we provide.